Missionary Birthdays

March 5
Joel Klammer, Asia

March 6
Ruth Pollex, Dominican Republic;
Harry Steffens, Papua New Guinea

March 16
Shauna Strohschein, Asia

March 21
Nicole Barthel, Southeast Asia

March 22
David Baker, Eurasia

March 31
Amanda Groshek, Taiwan;
Anton Lutz, Papua New Guinea

"Pray For Missions" Calendar
March 2014

These prayer requests were submitted by coworkers in the Lord’s mission. Congregations and individuals are invited to copy these pages for newsletters or other distribution. 

MARCH 1 thru 31

The Synod’s work in Eurasia is focused on connecting the people of the region to the resources of the LCMS so they might hear the saving Word of God. The missionaries’ work is focused on those who have never heard of Christ and those who have heard but do not yet believe in Christ as their Savior. Missionaries are involved with church planting, theological education, music instruction, agriculture, human-care needs and prison ministry

Download the day by day March Mission Prayer List.