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Part & Meaning of Our Service

Our church is a liturgical church. That means our services usually follow a certain order, a liturgy. In the case of the Lutheran Church, the parts of the service and the order they are in have been handed down for centuries, from one generation of Christians to the next.  

Of course, you can attend our service, not know the liturgy and still have an uplifting connection with God and your brothers and sisters in Christ. But if you knew a little bit about out liturgy… understood some of the meaning behind the parts and order… you’ll see our proud tradition has much to teach us.

Let’s look at the main parts of one of our services called the Divine Service. Please remember, what you read on this site is by no means the end all be all. Instead, these pages offer a better understanding of the nature and function of the chief service in the Lutheran Church, the service of Word and Sacrament.

Want to know more? Pastor Heidle is a great go-to guy!