Making known

by Word and Action

the Healing Presence of God

in Christ Jesus

with Us and with the World.

Immanuel’s Mission


This Week...

Sunday  (16)    
8:00 am    Coffee Hour
8:30 am    Sunday School & Bible Class
9:30 am    Worship with Communion
11:00 am   Board of Directors Meeting
3:00 pm    Caroling 

Monday   (17) 

Tuesday   (18)
9:45 am    Manor Bible Study
6:30 pm    Preschool Christmas Program

Wednesday   (19)
8:45 am    DLS Chapel
5:00 pm    Advent Supper
5:45 pm    Choir
6:30 pm    Advent Worship Service
7:30 pm    Handbells

Thursday   (20)
9:30 am    Men's Bible Study

Friday (21)

Saturday   (22)

Next Sunday (23)    
8:00 am    Coffee Hour
8:30 am    Sunday School & Bible Class
9:30 am    Worship
11:00 am   Youth Confirmation Class

"The Bible never suffers from neglect; it is only those 
who neglect it 
who suffer!"


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December 9, 2018       The Second Sunday in Advent 

Preparation is probably on your mind. Christmas is only weeks away. There are presents to buy, visits to plan, decorations to put up, lights to see, food to cook, and so much more!  As we prepare for Jesus to come, we reflect on John the Baptist’s words to people who asked what they should do to prepare for the Messiah’s coming. John says we are to “make His paths straight” by sharing food and clothing, by not taking advantage of people, and by being content with what the Lord has given us.  In the midst of your busy preparations, consider these words.

              Malachi 3:1-7             Philippians 1:2-11            st Luke 3:1-20


Prayer is the most valuable gift we can give someone experiencing hardships or illness. If you or someone you know is in need of prayer, please call our church office at 442-5675 or email

Want to know what is happening this week at our Danville Lutheran School?

Click on the DLS School tab on the menu bar at the top of this page. There you will find Weekly Notes from the Principal's Desk, which lists all the activities for the week, as well as some awesome pictures of your mission in action! Check it out!


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