Posted by on Friday, November 7, 2014
The scrip cards that are ordered the second [this is a change]Monday of each month can be used as Christmas presents. These cards are basically gift cards that can be used at a particular merchant any time; there is no expiration date or fees attached to these cards. They come in various denominations from $5 to $250, and the church gets a percentage of the profits (from 1.5% to 14% depending on the merchant).

There are order blanks 
on the card table in the chapel hallway. Most of the merchants listed are ones that are in Danville or Champaign. If there are merchants not listed that you are interested in, the entire listing in available at www.glscrip.com.

They can be written on the blank 
lines on the order form. This is a win-win situation: you get Christmas presents without having to face the hassle of going shopping (bad weather?), and the church gets some additional needed income.

November orders are due on Nov. 10

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