Free Books & Videos to Help Christmas Focus

Posted by on Thursday, December 11, 2014
Christ lay in a manger. No decorations. Simple food. Yet that was the best Christmas some shepherds ever had! We too can focus on the One who came. Perfection is there -- not in anything we do.
  • Ideas for celebrating simply and well can be found in Unplug the Christmas Machine: a complete guide to putting love and joy back in the season, by Robinson and Staeheli, and Celebrate Simply: your guide to simpler, more meaningful holidays and special occasions, by Twigg. 
  • If grief haunts the season, check out The Empty Chair, by Zonnebelt and DeVries, or the DVD Handling the Holidays, by Grief, Inc. 
Find these and other resources in our Wellness Library, across from the mailboxes. As Charley Brown and friends finally saw, it wasn't the beauty of the tree, but of the Love that decorated it. That Love, His Love, came and comes to us -- freely. It requires no stressful preparations. Have a Holy holiday!

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